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RPP Series Gas-water Cascade Water Jet Vacuum Unit Set

Detailed introduction

Xin’anjiang gas-water cascade water jet vacuum unit set is composed of water jet unit set and several anticorrosion steam pumps. It has such features as high degree of vacuum, easy installation, corrosion resistance, nontoxicity and large air displacement. It is widely applied to absorption, filtering, concentration, drying, crystallization, conveying, deoxidization and oxygen enrichment in vacuum state in chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, metallurgy, laboratory etc. 


Product Configuration Note

Centrifugal pump: RPP, PFDA, fluorine alloy, fluorine;
Steam jet pump: graphite lined Venturi tube, cast iron with PCTFE(F3) coating made pump shell
Nozzle: stainless steel, brass, silicon carbide, PTFE;
Special demand: graphite modified polypropylene cooling coil is mounted on water tank.


Number of stages of steam pump Working pressure (gauge) of steam (Mpa) Air consumption

Max. Air Pumping Volume


Single-stage Two-stage
Single-stage 0.1≤P≤0.3   38 1.5~10 as per the max. air pumping volume specified in technical parameters of the water jet vacuum pump provided
Two-stage 0.1≤P≤0.3 0.1≤P≤0.3 60 0.5~5

Note: testing condition -- working water temp. 25℃, atmosphere as medium, standard atmosphere pressure 760mmHg. 



Structure Diagram




Models • performance • parameters




Max. Air-bleed Volume


Centrifugal Pump 

Steam Pressure


Steam Consumption


Model  Power (kw)
QSJW-RPP-II-280 1.5-10 as per the max. air pumping volume specified in technical parameters of the water jet vacuum pump provided  80FP(D)-32 11 0.1≤P≤0.3 38
QSJW-RPP-II-360 1.5-10 100FP(D)-20 15 0.1≤P≤0.3 38
QSJW-RPP-II-500 1.5-10 100FP(D)-32 15 0.1≤P≤0.3 38
QSJW-RPP-III-280 0.5-5 80FP(D)-32 7.5 0.1≤P≤0.3 60
QSJW-RPP-III-360 0.5-5 100FP(D)-20 11 0.1≤P≤0.3 60
QSJW-RPP-III-500 0.5-5 100FP(D)-32 15 0.1≤P≤0.3 60

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