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HDPE Series Extruded Winding Tank, Tower

Detailed introduction

The latest development of extrusion winding no weld process can really. The tank mechanical strength and and safe and reliable performance. Use this A proprietary technology for ring band thickness can reach to 65mm, the profile can gradient, and raw materials to focus on using under force parts of the tank production. Tank, on the whole, the thin thickness, make drum festival whole force uniform, design reasonable, can ensure that store tank mechanical strength and safety reliability. The dress is safe kind of corrosive liquid, in addition to the seal performance is good, but this can also A light weight, appearance beautiful, than plastic rotomolding process, plastic material plate welding, FRP winding, hand lay-up process, carbon steel lining. The process and other process more reliable advantages.

The machine set is the world biggest up-to-date drum forming machine capable of processing drums of dia.Φ3500mm and single segment length of 6200mm. 

The welding part of tank bottom and trough bottom bears more force than other parts. The automatic sliding extrusion welding machine imported by us could complete the welding of large welding seam in one step without repeated welding, ensuring no leakage of tank and trough under any circumstances to safely hold any hazardous and corrosive liquids as well as guarantee working and environmental safety.



It is a kind of ideal chemically anticorrosive equipment for chemical, pharmaceutical, dyeing and food industries.



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