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PP/RPP Series Centrifugal Ventilator

Detailed introduction

PP/RPP centrifugal ventilator has such features as chemical corrosion resistance, anti-aging, low specific gravity, low noise and stable running. The ventilator is made from polypropylene sheet with hot pressing mold by welding according to metal 4-72 performance parameters. It is widely applied to ventilation, air exchange and exhaust of acid, alkali and other harmful gases in chemical, metallurgy, electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, apparatus, plating, mining, laboratory, environmental etc.


The gases conveyed by this ventilator shall be free from viscous substances or may contain dusts and solid particles ≤ 150mg/m3,or be of temperature ≤ 50℃ and relative humidity ≤ 100%. It shall be kept from direct sunlight and heat source.



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